Arcanum Arcanorum

Presented here is a range of incense, ideas, spells, rituals, charms, paradigms and recipes that may come in useful. You can chop and change them as you will; remembering that all the time the Magick is in you. These things are aids, focusing tools to narrow down and concentrate your will and mind to will, what you wish and where you wish.

Arcanum Arcanorum cover

We're proud to announce the release of "Arcanum Arcanorum - Master the Inner Mysteries of Magick."Available for purchase APRIL 2021; the price is 40 per copy, postage in UK is 5, REST OF THE WORLD is 18 - PAYPAL Payments send to: (delivery approximately 3-4 weeks.

Written by a Magickian of many years experience Phillip Cooper reveals the secrets of the ancient Art of Magick, combined with contemporary awareness in this highly informative book and gives lots of traditional and secret recipes and techniques. All of them are potentially very strong, strong Magick and should only be used in times of genuine need and never simply for kicks or experimental purposes. For simply to dabble in Magick can be a very dangerous thing; not least to the user, psychologically.

A useful, often highly original and amusing book which will be of value to those who wish to know more of the Art. The techniques described are easy to follow and need no specialized equipment other than scented oils, suitable incense and a little paraphernalia.

Shadow Photos

Taken from the autobio: "The Diary of a Magickian."

Magick Shadows