Alakazam - Empty Hand Magick

In this book you will learn to do rituals just by using the imaginary faculties of your mind and, we will gradually bring in various techniques and tools like: scents, sound, correct timing, and so on. However, generally the ritual procedure will be rather minimal, whereas the effect will be very much greater: Magick without results is not Magick. "I create what I desire with my mind."- Alakazam

Alakazam cover

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There is a point in Magickal development where the practitioner realizes that the performance of a lengthier physical ritual is no longer necessary and that the Mage may perform it altogether simply in the mind or by using minimum paraphernalia - just incense and perhaps a bit of drumming to assist. Magick is essentially very simple, robes, paraphernalia, temples are a useful aid, they help you to focus your mind, but the real Magick is performed entirely in the mind, an uncluttered, an unfettered, and with a childlike simplicity, almost nonchalant approach.