A Little Grimoire for the Aquarian Age

Almost everyone believes in a power beyond their knowledge, the "supernatural." They rightly believe that if they could link into this power their problems would be solved.

grimoire cover

NOW available for purchase "The Little Grimoire of Practical Magick" Limited to 5000 signed copies. The price is 35 per copy, postage in UK is 5, REST OF THE WORLD is 18 - PAYPAL Payments send to: cphllpm@ntlworld.com (delivery approximately 3-4 weeks - when they're gone... they're gone!

Within each one of you is the power to achieve whatever you wish, but this power is being dissipated, it is leaking away and causing you problems. By taking hold of this power, by realizing who you really are, your life can be transformed and a greater understanding of life's purpose gained. Magick will then become a way of life, it will help you solve your problems; achieve results the natural way, not only for yourself but for others as well.

The Little Grimoire of Practical Magick - Ancient Methods combined with Contemporary Awareness!

Contents include:-

You and Divinity - the Fountain of Power - Belief Patterns - Things to Avoid - How to Open and Close a Rite - Building the Inner Temple - Contacting Real Power - Working with the Elements - the Planetary Powers - Constructing Rituals - Choice of System - Talismanic Work - Healing - Magickal use of the Tarot plus much more.

This little grimoire is a comprehensive step by step guide to the Art and Practice of REAL MAGICK. It is designed for the complete novice or the sincere searcher who wishes to learn more than can be found in mainstream occult books.