The most important thing about Magick is that - it works! Yes, Magick is real, however you won't find much in the Occult world. It exists ONLY in YOUR relationship with the cosmos. It can't be brought, sold, or hired at any price. Nobody can give you it! Nobody can rob you of it! If after reading this, you still waste your time and money looking for Magick elsewhere other than IN YOUR OWN HEART, you have only yourself to blame!

No, I are not offering to sell you Magick. The Magick is yours already and all you have to do is awaken it.

New Titles

Forthcoming NEW Titles


The Magickian - A Study in Effective Magick, Republished

Where is real magick? Amongst the hard-selling advertisers in esoteric magazines? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

In the incense-laden atmosphere of some bizarre Occult shop? NOT A CHANCE!

No, Magick - REAL Magick is only to be found in the deep and secret realms of your subconscious.

We're proud to announce the re-release of "The Magickian - A Study in Effective Magick" limited to 5000 copies NOW available for purchase; the price is 60 per copy, postage in UK is 5, REST OF THE WORLD is 18 - PAYPAL Payments send to: (delivery approximately 3-4 weeks - when they're gone... they're gone!

the magickian book cover

Interested in Magick? Interested in expanding your consciousness? Then you have come to the right place! True Magick is not superstitious nonsense. It is an exacting science. It requires commitment: not the mere occasional "dabble." Magick works according to definite natural laws. It is precise and exacting.


May 2021

Magickmeister announces the launch of "The Magickian - A User's Guide."

the magickian - a user's guide

Interested in Magick and the Occult in this day and age it is easy to make mistakes and waste a great deal of valuable time and money on unworkable ideas. This is "MagickMeister," your source for REAL Magick.

I firmly believe that every student of Magick must learn a few basic techniques and begin some inner work before they can effectively practice Magick. This inner work revolves around the idea that a Magickal state of awareness needs to be induced and then with the correct symbols, before Magick will work. I have over time experimented and developed a system of Magick which is both personal to me, yet can be personalized by others using the same universal symbols.

My system provides structure and form, together with universal principles and cosmic invariables which act has a catalyst.

I update regularly this website - which I use as a medium to give advice and guidance and books filled with useful ideas, sensible techniques and Practical Magick.