News About Forthcoming Magickmeister Titles

We're proud to announce the release of THREE NEW titles: "Liber Abr," "Magickal Diary" and "Secrets of Creative Visualization." Inquiries to:

Secrets of Creative Visualization

Do you want to improve your life by having more vitality and self-confidence? The aim of this book is quite simple-to show you how "practical magic" and mind power techniques can interact directly with the material world! Unlike ordinary thinking, which has no effect on the inner mind, creative visualization has the power to change your beliefs. Use this guide to find simple ways to leave ordinary thinking behind. Use affirmations, words of power, and more to transform your life.

creative visualization book cover

Liber Abr

Liber Abr is a complete, Magickal training course for the individual or groups, with details of the authors Magickal order, an outline for setting up a Magickal temple, and instruction for carrying out the essential ritual of Abramelin, "powerful consecrations" to remove blockages to power (modern version) and Luciferian Alchemy, to inspire and awaken the potential already buried deep inside, also covered are the incense recipes and their correct use.

In a clear and detailed style, Cooper presents the pure theoretical underpinnings of Magick. He includes at look at self-initiation and the making of a Magickal oath, as well as disclosing the techniques of astral or empty-hand Magick - he describes the exact steps needed to create an effective Magickal ritual.

This advance treatise on theory, philosophy, and the practice of Magick is designed for the complete novice, yet it is equally of value to the long-suffering student.

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Magickal Diary

One of the most important things when you first start practising Magick is to create and keep a record of your work - a book of results. It's a good idea to keep a Magickal diary just to write the briefest of notes, no need for longwinded essays. The notes you should make are just impressions and ideas that come to mind during or after Magickal work. Put in anything you want but it's most important to take notes of what you did and what the results were, if any. If not, write that too. Take note of the conditions that may influence the situation: lunar phase, emotional state, distractions, weather, divinations, dreams, meaningful coincidences and so forth.

This convenient diary makes it easy to keep track of all your rituals. There is no need for copious notes. The simple headings in this Magickal Diary will stimulate your memory when you read them and in the months ahead these will start to make profound sense. These notes will prove to be of great value at some later date as a record of what worked best for you and what didn't.

"Let success be thy proof." - Aleister Crowley

"It is far better to fail at a Magickal ceremony than to fail to record it." - Aleister Crowley

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