Magick for the 21st Century

If you find the subject of Magick confusing, if you have tried various spells and rituals and failed, if you can't make sense of the books or are uncertain where to start or what to buy then this is the book for you. No more mumbo-jumbo, uncertainty or disappointment.Instead, an easy to understand grimoire as to what Magick really is, how it works and what it can do for you. This book proves that Magick can and does work and that you need no special talents other than a desire to learn and succeed. No longer will you be baffled or confused. Instead, you will learn how to contact reality and power the easy way. To the beginner or novice, this book is invaluable for not only does it give you many unpublished Magickal secrets, it is also written in plain English! The ideas, concepts, paradigms and techniques contained in this amazing work, are likely to transform your Magickal work in a way in which you never believed possible. In time it will make most other occult books obsolete. Can you afford to waste any more time and money on other outmoded books?

results magick book cover

NOW available for purchase "Results Magick - The Training and Work of a Magickian." Limited to 5000 copies. The price is 50 per copy, postage in UK is 5, REST OF THE WORLD is 18 - PAYPAL Payments send to: (delivery approximately 3-4 weeks - when they're gone... they're gone!

Magickal knowledge should fit into its own time. We live in the 21st century, a time of widespread education, instant communication, lasers, space travel and so forth. Magick, true Magick must be of the present, of the now, not buried in the past and lost under the weight of forgotten languages and outmoded philosophies.

A Ceremonial Magick for the 21st Century!

contents include:

  • How Magick works and why it often doesn't.
  • How to set up a temple and the tools of the trade.
  • The latent power of the mind is the key to all Magickal work.
  • The Power of the mind and use of the Inner Temple.
  • God-power, your ability to contact this.
  • The three rings of cosmos and their practical application.
  • The secret of the four elements and how they are relevant to your Magickal work.
  • The four gateways of power, the weapons and their real use.
  • Symbolism - its use in the temple and in Magickal equipment.
  • The key to making equipment truly Magickal.
  • Making Magick work, how to overcome problems.
  • The power of the Moon tides, how to understand and use these to your advantage.
  • Removing blocks to power, psychic problems and how to avoid them.
  • How to recognize and overcome the effects of possible psychic attack.
  • The use of focal points such as talismans and how these are made.

There are no additional text books to buy nor will you have to purchase any. The bibliography is only added to the book as a courtesy. Everything you need to complete your studies is contained in the book other than equipment and/or music and you will not need to spend a fortune on this! The amount of equipment used is entirely up to each individual, some prefer to have a lot, others very little. In all cases you will be shown how to select and use equipment correctly and how to make use of everyday items thereby saving money.