Wealth Magick

How to Attract Money and Possessions Through the Magnetic Ability of Your Inner Mind.

This book is designed to bring money into your life by enhancing your hidden abilities to attract wealth. EVERYONE has the ability to attract wealth yet few ever realize their full potential. Instead, they rely on luck or presume that wealth in not for them. The techniques in this book work on unseen levels to make wealth a reality in perfectly natural ways.


Available for purchase APRIL 2021;"Wealth Magick - A Practical Guide." Limited to 5000 copies. The price is 30 per copy, postage in UK is 5, REST OF THE WORLD is 18 - PAYPAL Payments send to: cphllpm@ntlworld.com (delivery approximately 3-4 weeks - when they're gone... they're gone!

You are shown how to increase your money supply using sound Magickal principles yet without the need for special equipment. This is not one of the usual "shortcut" methods which so often fail. It is an exact guide as to how to attract as much money as neededthe easy way. All you need is this book and the determination to follow the simple principles which are given. This is not a re-hash of other books, in fact most of the ideas are not to be found elsewherethey are original and, unlike other supposed "guaranteed" methods, they do work. This book puts money problems in perspective, tells you what went wrong and shows you how to rectify this.